Blowsion is pleased to announce Sensi-Sci as the presenting sponsor for the 2017 Blowsion SurfSlam. This partnership follows in Blowsion’ s history of out of the box thinking and open minded concepts. Sensi-Sci is a premier soil manufacturing company thriving in the ever growing legalized cannabis community. Based in beautiful southern Oregon, Sensi-Sci prides its self with bringing customers the highest quality, cannabis specific, organic soil blends possible. Whether it’s bulk or bagged they strive to bring quality and customer service to their industry. With Sensi-Sci’ s involvement in the 2017 Surf Slam it confirms their deep rooted passion for Surf Riding.

Here are a few words from company founder Collin McLauchlin “It was the natural next step to be more involved in the event. We are beyond stoked to be able to participate in such a great freeride event. SurfSlam is where it all began for most of us. I remember a few years back watching the pro line up of Zack Bright, Pete Mcafee, Mark Gomez, Darrin Anderson, Lawlor bros etc as they were boosting huge waves and loving life. Years later I’m riding waves with the same guys! I’m honored to be able to support the sport of freeride through sponsorships and support from team Sensi-Sci. We are a lifestyle as well as a thriving company. At the end of the day it’s all about the waves we slashed with our best friends.”


What took so long? Not Fullgaz! Ludo and Eric from FULLGAZ put together these incredible videos immediately after the event last September 2015 but we decided that they were simply so cool and filthy that we wanted to wait and fire up the 2016 event buzz with release NOW! Check em’ out here and here!

* 07.19.16 * Wild Mike's Pizza Throws Their Dough into the 2016 SurfSlam!

S. A. Piazza And Associates sounds like some kind of law firm does it not? Well get ready to be blown away by their amazing Wild Mikes frozen pizza offerings that are expanding across the USA like pizza dough crushed under a billet rolling pin! Already available nationwide in WalMart and more, this family owned Oregon based company specializes in the freshest ingredients including the stretchiest’ cheese and crispiest crust on the market. The Wild Mike crew will be on the Surfslam Beach with coupons and giveaway swag. Check back here often for updates as much more is planned with Sir Wild Mike!

* 07.19.16 * A & P Specialties Joins the Sponsorship Jam Session!

We would like to welcome and profusely thank A & P Specialties for their support of the 2016 Surfslam. Owner Alan Blanchard can be seen shredding the Columbia River weekly on his DASA 970cc equipped Rickter EVO. What is so special about that? Well Alan is on the north side of 50 and can burn mucho tanks of fuel without even breathing hard! Will we see Alan in the waves at Surfslam? Or will he be holding the First Annual Surfslam Beach Table Tennis Tournament? More to follow...

2016 EVENT PLANNING IN FULL FORCE – * 05.12.16 *

Stay Tuned as we continue to share upcoming announcements and event plans here on this news page as well as the Blowsion Facebook Page.


We are excited to welcome Dutch Bros to the sandy beach at Surfslam 2016. Stop by the McMinnville location on the way from Portland and give them a shout out of appreciation for the awesome support.

Tillamook Country Smoker Sponsors the Live Feed! * 09.03.15 *

Tillamook Smoker has graciously stepped up to sponsor the incredible Blowsion Surfslam Live Feed and will also be present on the Surfslam beach with some of the most tasty smoked jerky products your teeth have ever sunk into!

Moto Surf Racing Cancelled * 09.01.15 *

Moto Surf Racing has been cancelled for the 2015 Surfslam. We really appreciate those of you who registered, and those who have also supported Moto Surf Racing over the years. Unfortunately we simply do not have enough confirmed racers to dedicate the time and costs required. We still welcome any positive or negative comments regarding Moto Surf Racing at the Surfslam and what can be done to bring it back and/or make it more appealing to the racers. See the comment thread on the Blowsion Facebook page from August 12th for detailed comments and information.

K&S Big Air Podium Payouts / Oar House Party HQ * 08.25.15 *

Major props go out to Khaled Al-Duaij from K&S Racing Kuwait. We now have 2nd and 3rd place podium payout and prizes for the K&S Big Air Showdown! Stay tuned to the K&S Big Air page for updated details.

If you are seeking after hours entertainment and libations in Pac City, owner Jessica Kliever of the Oar House has (incredibly) extended the invitation to be Surfslam Party HQ for Friday and Saturday night. She has coated the ceilings with mustard resistant paint, and promises to have more pillows outside in the bushes for Australian Pro Riders who can’t find their rides home. Please be patient when ordering drinks and food—this is a BUSY weekend for all services in PC.

Rookie Class Added * 08.14.15 *

Due to popular demand and excitement from the Grayland Freeride Event (and with some forthcoming intricate juggling of a packed three day Surfslam schedule), we are pleased to share the news that we have added a ROOKIE class for the 2015 Surfslam. This class is open to any age of freerider that has never competed at any prior Blowsion Surfslam events. The qualifying for ROOKIE class will be on Friday Sept 11th (see Schedule Page) and the top finishers will compete throughout the Surfslam weekend for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place podium positions. The cost for this class is $135.00.

We also want to mention that the registration cost for Moto Surf Racing (if it happens) has been dropped to $135.00 also in hopes that we can meet the required 20 racers. Pro and Amateur Freeride has also been discounted to $175.00. Please support the sponsors of the Surfslam as their generous support is the entire reason this event is able to happen in 2015.

Facebook News Feed


FullGaz Beach Vibes

Like a special Christmas elf we have just received this bonus video from the 2014 Blowsion Surfslam by our amazing partner and good friend Ludo and the Team. Please anjoy and share — especailly if you are current shivering and wanting some salty surf soon!


Sept 11/12/13 - THE DATE FOR 2015 IS INKED!

THE 2015 BLOWSION SURFSLAM DATES ARE SEPTEMBER 11TH, 12TH, AND 13TH 2015 (FIRST WEEKEND AFTER LABOR DAY). Floss the cat, drain that crappy old ethanol fuel and dust off the Mankini—slam planning 2015 commences!

Live stream

Watch the 2014 Surfslam Stream as it happened live in total coverage courtesy of Maestro Rick Ignacio from!

(scroll thru the 3 days of coverage linked on the side bar viewer to the right and enjoy the unedited and “unrated”’ content as it happened)


Awesome Surfslam 2014 Photos online now courtesy of the following lens masters!


Overhead video coverage of the man who is ‘never alone with his drone’ Master Evan Kilkus!

Coming Shortly: 2015 full event video coverage as well as ESPN, ESPN Intl and COMCAST Sports Net schedule for this year’s one hour show coverage! Stay tuned...


Surfslam Results are in!

Overall event results have been posted to the Results page. Our thanks again to all of the competitors, spectators, vendors, friends and family. Without all of you we'd be just a motley crew with a couple Jet Skis and bunny hopping a few random rollers.


K&S Racing

Once again our favorite Kuwaiti Khaled Alduaij from K&S Racing Kuwait is back to sponsor the Big Air Showdown on Sunday. Assisting with the logistics and costs of this aerial weekend session favorite is Hydro Turf ( the Big Air presenting sponsor. Thanks to core companies and supporters like K &S Racing and Hydro Turf we are able to keep this airborne wave tradition going!



Who does Blowsion look to for our composite supplies? Fiberlay OF COURSE! Family owned for over 60 years Fiberlay has everything for wholesale buyers on up to end users. Thank you Scott, Tina, Ian and all the Fiberlay staff for all your support!



Look for the Jettribe transport and beach display on site all weekend! Making the trek from California once again we cannot say enough good things about Tony and Sarah and the rest of the Jettribe staff and product line. Catering an amazing selection of PWC gear and products specific to PWC fanatics is the Jettribe name of the game. Thank you Jettribe for your support of the 2014 Surfslam!


Blowsion Surfslam Welcomes BPG Werks!

Exciting news today for Surfslam Wednesday on t-minus 48 hours and counting pre-event weekend. BPG Werks has joined as a valuable 2014 Blowsion Surfslam sponsor and has graciously shipped us one of their incredible DTV Shredders for display on the Surfslam vendors beach. In case you have not seen one of these amazing creations already, the Blowsion staff will have this unit on display so you can check out this unique “handle pole equipped” dual tracked vehicles in person. With a 200CC four stroke engine this 280 lb. futuristic mechanism allows for high speed travel on any terrain and will fit in the trunk of your car. Add in the option of being able to haul a your watercraft etc via the optional tow accessory kit and we are talking no surf or lake road access???- No problem! Watch Streetbike Tommy put the Shredder thru its paces at an abandoned motocross track in Queensland More on this innovative creation and further concepts rolling out from BPG Werks here


Blowsion Surfslam 2014 Live Web Streaming!

Through the efforts of many and some last minute duct tape, 2x4’s and Ethernet cable the Blowsion Surfslam will be broadcast live from the beach courtesy of the magicians at Tune in at or the home page of beginning Friday September 5th for qualifying all the way thru the awards ceremony and the K&S Big Air Showdown on Sunday Sept 7th for all the live action. Esteemed Surfslam announcers Mike Young and Dawn Dawson will be on hand all weekend assisting the web stream as well as the EPSN and FULLGAZ video coverage. Digital detox may be required come Monday!


WORX Racing

Thanks for the support this year to Gary and Emma Watson at WORX Racing Components. WORX always delivers and is taking PWC handling to exciting new levels with a growing range of products, state of the art design technology and the very latest manufacturing equipment to ensure bullet proof performance every time. Surfslam Kudos to our supporters down under.

Facebook link:


Muchas Gracias to Los Caporales!

For anyone that has visited Pacific City, Oregon for more than a few days there is the realization that the town is very small and eating out food options are limited for this reason. ANY Mexican food offering would be appreciated (even the dreaded Toca Bowl Taco Bell) under most circumstances for those having a south of the border craving. However, to have the incredible Mexican food and service that Herardo (SP? does anyone know how to spell his name?) and his sons Alberto and Johnny and the rest of the family provide is one of Pac City’s best kept secrets since 1994. To call Los Caporales our favorite restaurant in PC is not a lie. Don’t show up late and expect to be cared for -- this is a family owned operation and the evening siesta is important as it should be. Buy a couple shots of Patron and a Los Caporales shirt while you visit and have Geraldo or Mama sign it. If you are lucky he will show you his infamous 36lb Turkey Dancing in person.

Facebook link:


There is only one FULLGAZ.

And if the Blowsion Surfslam could ever legally adopt (or kidnap) a video and photography company it would be FULLGAZ. Mega props again for 2014 to the master lens master, editor and lady killer Ludovic Mouveaux from Fullgaz (aka ‘Ludo’). Ludo and team is once again making the long trek from France to cover the 2014 Surfslam from all angles. Want to meet the illustrious Ludo in person? Good luck. He is the king of camera lens subterfuge and camouflage so be on your best behavior or he will catch those moments that are usually best not caught on film. For 2014 the FULLGAZ crew will have a booth in the vendors area of the Surfslam beach so please stop by and score some newly released Fullgaz fashion gear and apparel!


Merci to Jet Import!

Carrying on the Jet Import support tradition established in the 1990’s we are once again in deep gratitude to Christophe and Jennifer of Jet Import for their gracious support of the 2014 Blowsion Surfslam. Not only is Jet Import the number one Blowsion parts distributor in France, they also carry an extensive line of many popular aftermarket watercraft performance brands. Top notch is all we can say. Check them out at


Blowsion Surfslam Update from Hydro-Turf!

Hot off the presses and straight from Mike @ HT HQ:

“We are stoked to be attending and supporting the 2014 Blowsion Surf Slam this year. We are offering some pre-order discount specials, this applies to orders being Will Called at the event "ONLY." There will be no direct shipping of any pre order. All orders must be paid in advance, no COD's. We will be selling some new apparel from the Liquid Militia booth (Hats, Hoodies, and shirts), and a few Black Molded Diamond sheets. So you if want anything else besides that, I strongly recommend you order now. Orders will be excepted now and the last date to order is 08/28, as I am shipping all product 09/03 to make sure it arrives on time. Please email all orders to Orders must be picked up 09/06 (All Day) or on 09/07. If you do not pick up your order by the end of the event, you order well be donated to a Junior/amateur rider on your behalf. The following discount applies to regular stock material, and will not be applied to already discounted items, or partial kits. There will be no freight charges, as we are taking care of that for you + the discounts below:”

Mat Kits 25% off retail
Seat Covers $25% off retail
Sheets 25% off retail
Accessories 20%

“We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2014 Surfslam!”

Oh Yeah, did we forget to mention we are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the K&S Big Air Showdown!?!


Surfslam Salute to Gasket Tech!

Once again we are thrilled to have Surfslam support from Gasket Technologies. Located in the blistering heat of Lake Havasu AZ with the cool waters of the Colorado River to spend testing time daily, the staff at Gasket Technology knows their sealing capabilities!

In business for over 25 years Gasket Tech has built an amazing reputation for supplying and manufacturing better than OEM spec replacement gaskets for watercraft and marine applications.

Contact Susan and the crew for the closest gasket Tech dealer to fill your needs. If you’re lucky you might even be able to score an autographed swimsuit picture by the lovely Molly (the GT model!)


Mega Surfslam props to DASA Racing!

Kyle, Dan and the rest of the DASA crew build the craziest horsepower generating motors in the PWC Industry bar none. DASA rhymes with NASA due the skyrocket thrust and flow that DASA parts generate.

From mild to wild the care and integrity of DASA Racing brand products is second to none. Thank you for the Surfslam 2014 support!


Thanks TauCeti!

Clean air is not just for Al Gore and Prius drivers. Nope—your motor needs it also and Pascal and the crew at Tau Ceti have been flowing more of into combustion chambers longer than anyone else in the PWC Industry.

A shout out to Tau Ceti for once again showing us what the Made In the USA support means for sponsoring the 2014 Surfslam! (NOTE for Canadians and Southerners: it is pronounced “tow setti”)


Thanks ADA!

The Surfslam gods would like to thank Brooks Wachendorf and the entire ADA Racing staff for their continued support of the 2014 Blowsion Surfslam.

Core to the watercraft scene like few others check out ADA Racing for all your billet and performance needs!


Racing Update

About The SurfslamClosed Course Moto Surf racing is back for 2014, however we have changed the registration approach this year to adapt to the challenges and cost planning for all involved. We will need 20 confirmed Racers (combined from Pro and Amateur classes) pre-registered by August 15th 2014 in order for us to cover the cost of running a full closed course buoy course. The online registration link is here: This registration fee cost will not be billed at the time of registering. You will need a valid credit card to register, however we will not be processing any charges until until September 1st after we have confirmed and met the minimum rider registration needed to hold full closed course races.

About The SurfslamWhat happens if we don’t meet that minimum? Never fear—we will go to a “Dash for Cash” race approach with a simple five buoy “W” formation course and maximum payout based on number of riders who have registered. Once registered you will be contacted via email with continued updates as well as news postings here on the Surfslam website and Facebook page.

For those riders and racers wanting to test the water and see what Moto Surf riding and racing is all about before jumping in to a full race moto we will again be offering monitored practice and training sessions on the left and right turn buoy race course. For more information and registration details please visit:


Monster FMX partners with the 2013 Blowsion Surfslam!

Surfslam Monster Energy FMXWe are thrilled to announce Monster Energy support for the 2013 Blowsion Surfslam. The Green and Black Monster Energy Freestyle Moto Cross machine will head west from Portland, Oregon down the metro asphalt jungle into the burly natural jaws of the Pacific Ocean Blowsion Surfslam beach. Beginning on Wednesday September 4th and Thursday September 5th , the Monster and Blowsion traveling team will be making 6 local Oregon area retail appearances heading west along Highway 99W. The Monster Sampling Crew & the Blowsion Girls will be building Monster Energy and Surfslam excitement on their ocean bound way to the Surfslam location at Tierra Del Mar in Pacific City, Oregon. On Sunday September 8th, three of the Monster Freestyle Moto Cross riders will be performing backflips, Superman Seat Grabs, Nac-Nac’s, Cliff hangers and other renowned FMX tricks on the Surfslam beach. There will be two shows (10:30 AM and 1:30 PM). Please stay tuned to the Blowsion Surfslam schedule page for up to the minute updates and schedule changes. Don’t miss these talented pro FMX riders jumping 40+ feet in height over a 75+ foot distance gap!



Moto SurfHave you wanted to check out the Pacific Ocean Moto Surf racing vibe, but wanted to test your mettle against the challenge of ripping left and right turn buoys in the surf before competing and trading paint against other riders? We have heard your call. Please feel free to come try out your surf riding skills and get some practice in on Surfslam Saturday September 7th with two sessions from 10 am-12pm and 1pm-3pm (full schedule). There will be a monitored left and right turn buoy course setup in the surf for training purposes. The fee is $50.00 for this Saturday practice. As part of that bargain cost, $25.00 of this Saturday fee will be credited towards the Sunday race registration costs for those who are addicted and want to race! Please note that all test pilots must be current members of the IJSBA. If you are not a current member of the IJSBA, you may purchase both the practice session and the membership onsite at the announcing tower, or preferably anytime here online before the event weekend here (you will then be emailed a PDF receipt).

These will be organized sessions and only those who have signed a waiver, confirmed their IJSBA membership and paid the $50 fee will be allowed to participate. Practice times will be in 15 minute increments between 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. Riders will be given a numbered and colored jersey for each practice session which must be returned immediately after the session. Riders can participate in one morning session and one afternoon session. All riders interested in these practice sessions should check in at the registration area or at the race tent on the beach 45 minutes before.


2011 Slam photos updated courtesy of FullGaz and Jon Currier.   Thanks, Jon and Ludo!


2011 Slam Results Posted!


The date for 2011 is set!   2011 Blowsion Surfslam dates are
September 9th, 10th, and 11th 2011   (First weekend after Labor Day)

Gap the spark plugs and dust off the Speedos—slam planning commences!


Fresh from the West Coast drive back to Pacific City the Jettribe crew dropped us a quick update on their thoughts of the Surfslam weekend for 2010.

Thanks guys!


Thanks once again to the masters of the lens, Ludo and Julien from FULLGAZ, as they have killed it with event coverage yet again. With FULLGAZ the official Blowsion Surfslam Media Sponsor we would like to show off the first of this year's event content from the masters:


Stay tuned for soon to be released streaming event video. If you are going to be attending the IJSBA WORLD Finals in Lake Havasu ( OCT 3-10 you will get to see some sneak glimpses of this pending video on the flat screen playing in the 2011 Blowsion Surfslam display booth adjacent to Blowsion and WORX on vendors row.


IFWA Photo Galleries:


Event Results posted to the results page


Big thanks to Jon Currier Photography for a HUGE batch of photos from the Slam!

Video Presentation:

Photo Gallery:


Today the Surfslam commences its annual onslaught of the Pacific Ocean waves. Hope you can make it as the weather and wave forecast looks stellar.

We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Power Motorsports for the continued support of the Surfslam. We could not take care of our competitiors without the use of their watersafety waverunners and beach support vehicles.

Thank you Jon and Dave!


A big shout out to our Russian sponsors Igor and Yury from

While they have 'stolen' two of our favorite pro-freeriders (Mike Serlin and Eddie Bettencourt) for the Russian JET GRAND PRIX 2010 that just so happens to be this same weekend as well, we applaud their assistance and sponsorship of the 2010 Surfslam once again. Gaurd your vodka and your ladies - Mike and Eddie are coming to town.


2010 SurfSlam PosterPartners On Demand ( is proud to once again be the official ink-squirter of the Blowsion Surfslam. Not only are Jay and Josh Dannenmann in charge of the most cutting edge print facility on the West Coast, they also are watercraft aficionados to the nth degree. This father-son combination can hold their own on the water, in the waves, at the bar and in your inbox! Here is the fresh off the press limited edition Blowsion Surfslam Poster for 2010 as printed by POD!


Lycra bibsThis pic was taken today of Pro Freerider Marc Sickerling in between practice heats on the water at Pacific City. Showing off the true Fonzi leather look that is all the rage in Coastal Oregon this legendary Freerider is gonna put the full Hogans Heroes smack down on the Pro Freeride class this weekend!


Lycra bibsThis just in: Bibs have been field tested by ASP and are ready for the RC rental car piss test!


Action Screen Printing is the official Surfslam Apparel sponsor as well as the producer of the killer gear you will see on the beach at the Surfslam. ASP Owner Brian "BAMM BAMM" Mowrey is an olds school buoy shredder from the days of yore who may just join the group n Saturday with some 'salted nuts" of his own with some Pacific Ocean wave action. Thank you Brian, Aaron and Jenny!


Hertz Rental Equipment will be providing two 4WD Scissor lifts for the Surfslam Judges as well as the media photographers and video crews. Look for these two incredible machines to be crawling up and down the beach recording and judging every water borne activity to be viewed. We would like to give a huge thank you for the assistance in this sponsorship from Hertz staffers Michael Taylor, Jennifer Banta, and Bryan Harrington. Our gratitude for your support is deep.


Goddard Enterprises is pulling the Tennessee cat out of the hat once again and providing the Surfslam with the most stellar set of industrial event trophies every made. Last year's cylinder sleeve beer holders were off the hook.

What do Russ, Andy and Greg have up their wetsuit sleeve this year?


K&S $500 Prize CheckThe Blowsion SurfSlam welcomes back for 2010 Khaled Alduaij of K&S Racing in Kuwait. Khaled equips the top riders in the middle east with K&S prepared throw-down ready watercraft and ATV's. As this year's sponsor of the K&S Big Air Showdown we welcome all fans and riders to watch the K&S amplitude meter go sky high as all compete for a chance at the $500.00 Big Check cash award.


HeatherMedia News Flash - the world famous photo lens magician and #1 most respected survivor of sleeping in the same box van with Joe Kenney , Heather Selwitz has decided to put down the Gerber Baby slime and pick up her camera for the 2010 Surfslam. Using a moist Pampers (?), Heather will dust off the 300mm lens on her Nikon and sharpen her scribe to generate what has always been the most interesting coverage of anything Jet Ski related since Larry Rippenkroeger first made Kevin Costner look bad in Waterworld.


Pierre-Jean BouliouJet Import France has once again stepped up and shown why not only was the Statue of Liberty a gift from France, but also why the sport of Freeride and Jet Ski Racing is alive and well in the French rolling surf.

Pierre-Jean Bouliou (Pee Jay to all his adoring fans), the president of Jet Import is welcomed as a Industry Level sponsor again for 2010. PJ also takes time out of his incredibly busy schedule to attend the Blowsion Surfslam and be one of the IFWA judges. Enuff said. #1 Tuff Guy and the most popular Frenchman in the sport of Jet Skiing. Thank you Jet Import.

09.02.10 Media News Flash - the infamous Ludo and Julien from Fullgaz will be covering the event in photo and film as only these two artists can.

Hide those hottie girlfriends and wives- the filming frogs will be in town!


Jettribe - after a grueling 2 months of burning up pavement and road rubber in the Jettribe promotional assault transporter following the IJSBA national jet ski tour, Tony, Patrick, Sarah and Chelsea et al have thrown their supporting sponsorship behind the Surfslam and will be attending and displaying on the Surfslam beach Saturday and Sunday (Sept 11/12th). Check out all the new Jettribe gear for purchase. Ever felt like asking Tony where he finds the hot models for his photo shoots? Buy him a local microbrew and you might find out what version of Jettribe Cat Nip is the correct blend!


Media News Flash - Nascency Films' Chris Burgess has broken away from the ball and chain of daily Hollywood film work to join forces with Ross Champion for some "special" private filming at the Surfslam 2010 and for a few days afterwards...... what the hell are these guys up to? Claymation? Ren and Stimpy Reloaded? A new pilot for a Gilligan's Island reunion show? Stay frikkin tuned.


Jet Pilot with the assistance of esteemed JP Manager Ed Santos has come thru this year with full support for the Blowsion Surfslam Water Safety crew. Look to see the latest and greatest JP gear on the most important rescue members on the beach and in the water at SURFSLAM 2010. With the new 2011 JP gear being released at the Blowsion Lake Havasu World Finals vendors booth ( this will be a preview of what is considered the coolest shizznatt to come from JP in many years.


Cold Fusion ClockCold Fusion has thrown down the most baddest-ass sponsorship support yet this year. Carl Gramberg not only chips some of the coolest billet stuff around, he also rides surf like a raped ape and still finds time to assist the On Course Events and IFWA staff with judging duties. Please if you see Carl in a tired daze at Surfslam buy him a Rockstar. Carl IS A ROCKSTAR in the sport of Jet Skiing and Freeride. Thank you Carl.

PS- stay tuned here for soon to be released pricing and availability of the limited edition Cold Fusion Billet Surfslam Clocks.
These 6 inch Diameter Beauties are fully functional anodized red or blue. What could be cooler than a back flip every minute!


ODI in the slam!

ODI Beer CoozieLook what the top competitors will be receiving because of the generosity of the injection rubber mad scientists at ODI?

These monster cool can coolies will be on display for all salivating fans to ooh and aah over.

But wait?! There is more coming from ODI on this page shortly......


Bend EZ!

Beach Side ChiropracticFellow NW Freerider, Dr. Adam E Trotter, founder of Trotter Chiropractic, will be at Surf Slam 2010 giving beach side treatment to the Pros and the Bros.

Dr. Trotter is Blowsions official team Chiropractor, specializing in 30ft backflip and barrel roll prone injuries. Late night imbibing at the Oar House got you down?

Girlfriend twist your leg backwards because she keeps coming in dead last in importance next to that total loss ignition you have been saving for?

Stop by and get adjusted! Dr. Trotter will alleviate all pain. Even some mental anguish may float away and disappear (please note JFB!).

Dr. Adam E. Trotter
Office: (509)-888-4400
Fax: (509)-888-2727


K&S Racing Kuwait sponsors BIG AIR EXPOSED SHOWDOWN!

Who will flog their ski the highest and take home $500? Will it be the highest ghost ride that wins or will the rider have to stick it out and face mother gravity?

Full contest details are in the works. Stay tuned for the madness!


Visit the Blowsion Surfslam on FACEBOOK!!/event.php?eid=121390457901186&index=1


ATTENTION West Coast Amateur Riders!

Get your surf game face on at the 2nd annual Grayland Open August 14th 2010 in Grayland, Washington.

06.07.10 Blowsion flikr account opened and 2009 SS Hasfoto gallery added.

SurfSlam 2010 website updated;

The countdown clock begins.

Which freeriders and riders are going to accept the challenge?


SurfSlam 2010

The 2010 Blowsion Surfslam dates have been confirmed. Mark your calendar and get your game face on.

September 10th, 11th and 12th, 2010.

Sponsor and event details to follow soon right here.


Event Photo Galleries

Nascency Photo Gallery

Pro Nautica Photo Gallery

Matt Frawley Photo Gallery


Event Photo Galleries


Freeride and race results posted here

09.10.09 Reminder: Freeride and Race registration and practice at the event hotel and restaurant/bar Pacific City Inn ( / from 4-9pm (and later!). Staff meeting is at 8PM.
09.09.09 The following US and International Magazine are in town and covering the Surfslam:
  • France magazine: Jet News, Hydro-Jet, Fun Jet
  • England magazine: Jet Skier UK
  • Spain magazine: Jet-Quad
  • USA magazine: Personal Watercraft Illustrated, RIDE
  • Japan magazine: Jet Sport
  • Brazil magazines: Nautica, Mar&Mar
  • Portugal magazine: Jet Pulsion
  • Italian magazine : Moto D’aqua
09.07.09 The following US and International Video Production Crews are in town and covering the Surfslam:
09.06.09 The Nestucca Lodge would like to remind everyone that they are the Friday and Saturday Night Surfslam Party Headquarters. They are also on site with Alaskan Brewery Support in the official Nestucca Lodge Blowsion Surfslam Beer Tent.

Nestucca Lodge Bar & Grill PH: (503) 965-7702, 34455 Brooten Road, Cloverdale, Oregon 97112 (
09.05.09 John and the Blowsion Staff would like to thank all our loyal and new customers for their patience and understanding during the Surfslam event planning and execution.

They have been stretched very thin at Blowsion HQ and apologize for any delays that this may have generated in parts manufacturing or order deliveries. The Blowsion shop will be closed Sept 10-11.
09.03.09 Dont forget to check in with our supreme hosts at Seaview Vacation Rentals for any last minute home rental needs. With prices for 3 or more guests at a better rate than the limited amount of local hotels you cannot go wrong with Peggy and the crew at Seaview.
09.01.09 WORX Freeride Comp - Gold Coast, AustraliaWorx Australia wanted all Surfslammers to know that the Australian Open Freeride presented by Jet Pilot and Yamaha is scheduled for February 20-21st, 2010 on the Gold Coast of Australia.

See for event location, scheduling and detailed updates.
08.31.09 Pro Am and Pro Ski Riders ACCEPTED:
Pro Ski Racer Jeff Troegner (USA)
Amateur Pro AM Ski Racer Mike Hackler (USA)
Pro Freerider Thomas Suchodolski (USA)
Pro Freerider Cuong Son (USA) ...who will be throwing a new refined for 2009 version of the Lay- Back- Flied-Lice tail stab with a Calgon Scrub Hunch.
Amateur Freerider Stanton High (USA)
Amateur Freerider Carl Mead JR (USA)
Amateur Freerider Chris J Rosner (USA)

ODI: grip pic and press

Surf Slam Copper ODI Ruffian LimitedThe crew from ODI Grips have thrown in with full Industry Sponsor support of the Blowsion Surfslam. Having long ago realized that watercraft grips require a different compound than non-water sport grips the ODI master Colby continues to work with the Blowsion team in formulating new compounds and colors for their patented lock on grip technology. As a special offer for 2009, the top finishers of the Surfslam and Pro Racing classes will receive a set of limited edition Copper Ruffian grips with lazer etched Surfslam insignia on the end caps.


PRESS: Kommander

Industry power house and renowned horsepower magician Steve Webster and his Arizona based Kommander Industries Team ( have linked yet again for 2009 with Pro Kawi Ski racer Dustin Motzouris from South Africa. Having secured a Monster energy drink support contract for both the Surf Slam and the 2009 Lake Havasu Jet Ski World Finals, ( Dustin and his brother Tyrone will not only be competing in the Pro Ski Class at the Surfslam, but will also be putting the scare on the talented Pro Freeride class as full scale competitors as well. These two gifted brothers from South Africa promise to put on a smack down in the surf as they train exclusively year round in the ZA surf and are ready to battle the Pac City swells with the world's finest freeriders.

Josh Lustic has also returned to the Kommander Industries / Blowsion team for the 2009 Surfslam and World Finals. Josh will be riding a special Blowsion prepared Yamaha Super Jet for the Freeride competition of the Surf Slam, and a Kommander Built Carbon Fiber Matrix ski for the Lake Havasu World Finals Pro Freestyle class. Kommander Industries principals Steve and Brittanie Webster would also like to announce that they have joined forces with Pro Ski Racer and truly gifted graphic design guru Sean Workman to create a new media company This talented team will be focusing on website design and other graphic output for the Motorsports Industry.


A few words from Jack Shelley about Worx and the Surf Slam:

As many of you will know I have only recently taken over Worx Racing Components as the new owner. In this very short time I have quickly been able to work out who are the movers and shakers in the personal water craft industry. Worx initially was a business that started by a few guys sitting around believing they could do something better than what was currently being offered in the market place. Unfortunately, for us Australians, a lot of these products were being made overseas and it was therefore the typical Australian attitude of “we can do better than that” and “lets give it a go and see what happens” came into play.

Right from the outset Worx made itself known to the PWC industry all around the world. The very first grate produced by Worx, our WR201, was the grate to have if you had a superjet or wave blaster. A fact that still remains today; ask anyone from the old days to the more recent riders and they will tell you the Worx WR201 is the one to get.

Another name that is also synonymous with standups and superjets is of course Blowsion. I believe that it is a great honour for any company to be asked to present the Blowsion Surf Slam but I think it is even more of an honour for a company based outside of America. For too long it has been regarded by both Americans and Australians that if it doesn’t come out of the US then it is no good. Well I don’t believe that this is even close to being true any more. Worx, in my opinion of course, have the best RXP-X grate out at the moment, still the best superjet intake grates, WR201 and WR205 and we have recently released our new FZR intake grate that already is getting some outstanding results. Forget figures of 80 mph wait till you see what Worx have achieved. All I can say right now is watch this space as Worx Racing are about to release some new products to the market that will probably both shock and interest a lot of people. Worx are expanding both globally and their product range. Currently exporting to over 8 countries Worx will soon be providing an array of originally designed aftermarket performance and handling products for all models of PWC’s all over the world.

We all know that it’s what’s down under that counts in any style of PWC sport so the natural and obvious choice is Worx Racing Components.

"Worx works... don’t settle for second best.”

08.27.09 WORX Freeride Australian Open EVENT RELEASE 1
08.24.09 Robby Myers' Tales of the Slam section added.
08.22.09 Pro Freerider Arkadius Schramek – ACCEPTED – GERMANY/SPAIN. For those of you over 18 Arek will be showcasing his new tattooed scrote-sack rail grab with an olly lay back.

Amateur Freerider Stephen Foot – ACCEPTED – UK

David Stewart and join the Surfslam as a supporting sponsor. Impros specializes in Personal Watercraft Impeller Repair and modifications with a focus on one thing- the watercraft pump! Be sure and check in with Dave and his crew today and dont be afraid to ask them where the heck they came up with the name of their new Hooker model impeller line!
08.21.09 Legendary FMX and IJSBA announcer Mike Young has confirmed that he will be in the Pac City hizzy throwing down his patented oral and linguistic jackhammers over the microphone all weekend. Mike has been hard at work as ever promoting and working the 2009 HYDRO-TURF APBA WATERCROSS NATIONAL TOUR as well as announcing the 2009 H2X Tour. Catch up with Mike's latest news here:
08.20.09 The Surfslam welcomes JETTRIBE ( aboard the event as a supporting Sponsor. Jettribe is a true core brand company for the watercraft enthusiast. They have lived and breathed and loved the sport since Kawasaki 550 stand-ups were king, neon and fluorescents were cool, and everyone had to dry off their mullets after every ride. JETTRIBE gear will be awarded to event winners and participants.
08.19.09 SKAT TRAK shows the Surfslam its long term commitment and generosity to all watercraft competition enthusiasts by joining the Surfslam as a supporting sponsor for 2009. With the help of the Skat Master-of-the-Vane Glenn Perry (who will be in attendance at the Surfslam with his future Olympic Medal Winning swimmer son Mike Perry) we will be seeing some unreal pump spew out the backs of these fire breathing two strokes that should rival the pacific Oceans wave foam. Thank you Skat Trak for your support. It is most appreciated.
08.18.09 Pro Am and Pro Ski Riders ACCEPTED:
Aaron Newport (Washington, USA)
Todd Miller (Washington, USA)
Rick Hansen (Washington, USA)
Ian Benson (Washington, USA)
Tim Tynan (California, USA)
Shawn Blanchard (Idaho, USA)
Kevin Redinger (Washington, USA)
David Redinger (Washington, USA)
08.16.09 Amateur Freerider Zach Bright – ACCEPTED – California, USA
08.14.09 Amateur Freerider Ramon Farre – ACCEPTED – SPAIN

Amateur Freerider Adam Bingaman – ACCEPTED – Oregon, USA
08.13.09 Amateur Freerider Mark Gomez – ACCEPTED – California USA

The Surfslam welcomes "BACK" Cold Fusion to the Surfslam. Not that Carl Gramberg ever went away, but the call of the salt has brought out the CNC master yet again to reach out and support the Moto Surf and Freeride movement. You can catch Carl ripping SO CAL waves on his stroked and SJ-Pumped FX1 when he is not chipping aluminum at his machine shop ( Read Carl's story in the History section.
08.12.09 Pro Freerider Peter Mcloughlin – ACCEPTED – Australia/USA. Peter come to the Surfslam with a special expanded liver grab which he will be combining with his new Duck-Fart backside split rail grab.

Pro Freerider Taylor Curtis – ACCEPTED then DECLINED – USA

Pro Freerider Graham Reid – ACCEPTED – UK
08.11.09 Northwest based New West Technologies will be providing all IT equipment, support and infrastructure for the Blowsion Surfslam. NWT President Daniel King not only brings his technical savvy experience and staff to the table in support of the Surfslam, but is also one of the most seasoned veterans of the Northwest Surf and can throw nose stabs with the best of the best. New West Tech ( is a leading integrator of retail business management solutions providing static and mobile Point-of-sale systems for retailers as well as networking infrastructure solutions and Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail management system) for the retail industry.
08.10.09 Pro Freerider Jerry Brandon – ACCEPTED – USA. Jerry quite simply will be putting the brute back in brutal when it comes to wave slashing the West Coast foaming slabs. He will be sporting a Blackwater designed depleted uranium impeller that is rumored to have been installed in the ultra secret Green Zone of Azhiaziam Headquarters.
08.09.09 Pro Freerider Jeremy Fleming – ACCEPTED – Australia/USA
08.07.09 Pro Freerider Tanvir Hussain – ACCEPTED – UK
08.06.09 Pro Freerider Tiago Geitens – ACCEPTED – BRAZIL
08.02.09 Pro Racer Robby Meyer – ACCEPTED – USA. Tales of the Tour Robby will be dusting off the Pro Moto Surf Racing competition with a Blowsion/Kommander/Slippery Sponsored SXR 800 fire breather. He will be sporting a new red crushed velvet design Slippery wetsuit with all the right curves for surf cornering performance. Added Bonus: Hot sister available for post race autographs also.
07.29.09 Pro Freerider Eddie Bettencourt – ACCEPTED – USA. Look for a first expose’ of the Bitten Long-Beach-Lamar-Latrelle-Flexi-Javelin-Handlepole-Hanger with an junk-grab gainer rotation.

Pro Freerider Federico Bufacchi – ACCEPTED – ITALY
07.28.09 The legendary performance team of Glen Dickinson and Bill Chapin of R&D Watercraft ( have joined forces with the Surfslam to support their return to IJSBA sanctioned Moto Surf racing. R&D continues to be the top performance company in the watercraft industry that designs and machines all of its products in-house with state-of the art software and CNC machines. From their ground breaking air filter development and production to their innovative industry-first Afterburner Pump Cone kits for the Yamaha Super Jet and Kawasaki SXR 800 they continue to dominate the racing and recreational PWC aftermarket.
07.27.09 Competitor comment from Jordan Fielder: "I recently got the call from my good friend and sponsor Ronnie Saner from to say that Blowsion was putting a surf race together and wanted to build me a boat to race. Being a huge fan of riding in the surf I jumped at the chance, although I live in the UK I used to live in Oregon so Pacific City was the place I would train at over the winter so I almost feel like the local kid. I would just like to take the chance to thank everyone at Blowsion & RSR for giving me this opportunity to race in this fantastic event"
The Surflslam merchant processing and all transaction security on site in Pacific City as well as for registration entries online is being carefully handled through our Surfslam event sponsor Payment Processing, Inc. ( PPI is the industry leader in providing comprehensive integrated payment processing solutions. PPI Account executive and surf legend Randy Laine specializes in working with all forms of business processing relationships and is extremely networked within the action sports business field. Feel free to contact Randy for a legitimate cost saving quote for your business processing: ( )
Goddard Industrial in Tennessee ( has come on board to provide the Surfslam with the most throw-down stellar Trophies available. Constructed without the influence of any of those annoying welding goggles, Russ, Andy, Gib and Greg have burned their retinas once again to help provide the coup de grace in stainless and aluminum bragging rights. Not sure how many custom painted helmets are going to be traded out to cover this year’s metal Picassos from the Wicked Billet Boys but it will be worth it.
07.23.09 208 Industries ( hardcore clothing and accessories joins as an event sponsor and will be on site offering up their stellar wares!
07.22.09 Pro Josh “livewire” Lustic confirms for the throwdown and will be competing in both PRO FREERIDE and SKI classes.
07.21.09 South African Pro Racers Dustin and Tyrone Motzouris confirm for the throwdown and they will both be competing in both PRO FREERIDE and PRO SKI classes.
07.19.09 Blowsion model Danielle B. will be signing Surfslam event posters on Saturday and Sunday with the proceeds going to the Mason Waddle Trust (