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Friday Sept 9, 2016:

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2015 Videos

FullGaz 2015 Teaser Video

2015 Live Stream

The 2015 Surfslam live stream videos have been transferred to YouTube so check them out here anytime!

Youtube Link:


Coaches Corner Interview with Pro Free Riders

Join AIM Sports Television Producer Paul Higgins for this exciting, on-location Coaches Corner interview from Pacific City, Oregon September 2014. In this episode filmed on location at the Blowsion Surf Slam 2014, Paul and his astute production crew interview on the beach some of the most current extreme athletes in the world of freeride jet skis. Watch as Paul finds out what it is all about direct from Pro World Champion Riders Jake Montandon 2013 (South Africa), Brandon Lawlor 2014 (USA), as well as the top ten dynamic surf brother duo of Zack Bright and Jake Bright!

Live stream

Watch the 2014 Surfslam Stream as it happened live in total coverage courtesy of Maestro Rick Ignacio from!

(scroll thru the 3 days of coverage linked on the side bar viewer to the right and enjoy the unedited and “unrated”’ content as it happened)


Awesome Surfslam 2014 Photos online now courtesy of the following lens masters!


Overhead video coverage of the man who is ‘never alone with his drone’ Master Evan Kilkus!

Coming Shortly: 2015 full event video coverage as well as ESPN, ESPN Intl and COMCAST Sports Net schedule for this year’s one hour show coverage! Stay tuned...

2014 Event Promo Video Presented by Fullgaz

2013 Event Preview Video Presented by Fullgaz

2014 Event Promo by Athletes In Motion Sports TV

TV Air Times

ESPN International:
Latin North - 07/01/14  1:00 PM Eastern
Latin Dos - 06/07/14  5:00 AM Eastern
Latin Tres North - 06/08/14 11:00 AM Eastern
Latin HD - 05/21/14  6:00 PM Eastern
ESPN Caribbean – 06/16/14  8:30 PM Eastern
E2 Caribbean - 05/10/14 11:30 AM Eastern
ESPN Pacific Rim – 06/05/14  (Time TBD: Check local listings)
E2 Australia - 07/05/14  8:00 AM Eastern

We are receiving the air dates for ESPN North America and ESPN International any day so please stay tuned for those listings!

Tue 04/08/14  5:00 PM Eastern
Wed 04/09/14  3:00 PM Eastern
Thu 04/10/14 11:00 AM Eastern
Fri 04/11/14 12:00 PM Eastern
Mon 04/14/14  1:00 PM Eastern
Mon 04/21/14  6:30 PM Eastern
Fri 04/25/14 12:00 PM Eastern
Sat 04/26/14  2:00 PM Eastern
Sat 04/19/14  7:00 PM Eastern
Mon 04/28/14  2:30 PM Eastern


2012 Event Video Presented by Fullgaz

2012 Event coverage by AIM Sports TV with full episodes available on ESPN2, ESPN International and Comcast Sports Channel!

AIM Sports TV Blowsion Surf Slam 2012 from Pacific City Oregon
AIM Sports TV Blowsion Surf Slam 2012 Competition Heats Up in Oregon
AIM Sports TV Blowsion Surf Slam Part 3 of 4 Profile Darin Anderson
AIM Sports TV Blowsion Surf Slam Part 4 of 4 The Pro Finals


2011 Promotional Video presented by Fullgaz

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Jon Currier Photo Presentation:


Fullgaz Galleries:


Jon Currier Photo Gallery:

2010 Promotional Video presented by Fullgaz

Winter/Spring 2010 surf training and prepping for 2010 SurfSlam - Exclusive video presented by Nascency


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Hasfoto Gallery

Pro Nautica Photo Gallery

Jet Jump France 2009 IFWA Gallery

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2007 Lifestyle: Beach Party 2007/ (Thank you Lisa!)

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