Surfslam rider throwdown roster

Darin AndersonDarin Anderson

...who will be unveiling the new Pac City Mormon-macker with a half twist muy-guapo gainer.
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Ross ChampionRoss Champion

...who will be attempting for the first time the double sack lick with a triple Sydney nuticle clip.
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Pierre MaixentPierre Maixent

...who will be attempting for the first time the croissant half-taint slap with a full range Florida lab-lip spread.

Christian YoungChristian Young

Throwing a Shih-tzu-hair-induced seizure into his repertoire of amazing surf skills, the youngest surf slam pro competitor will be boosting nuggets as usual.

Richard ChapmanRichard Chapman

Northwest Motocross and Air Chair maestro Richard will be bringing his showcase of mouth gaper moves to Surfslam 2014. Look for his signature ‘back-layback-goat-choke peanut roll’ to wow the salty crowd!

Brodie Copp Brodie Copp

Mitch YoungMitch Young

Mick AnthonyMick Anthony

Dave McaleeseDave Mcaleese

Stuart AllisonStuart Allison

Yannick PansardYannick Pansard

Brandon LawlorBrandon Lawlor

Randy LawlorRandy Lawlor

Bruno JacobBruno Jacob

Takaaki Murao, Koji Nakano, Tomoya KashiwazakiTakaaki Murao
Koji Nakano
Tomoya Kashiwazaki

Wesley KrauthammerWesley Krauthammer

Craiger Six ThomasCraiger Six Thomas

Introducing a new Six Wheeler Jetmate class!

Dawn Dawson and Mike YoungDawn Dawson
& Mike Young

The voices of the SurfSlam!

Daniel PertovtDaniel Pertovt

media extraordinaire will be covering all the Surfslam gossip, videos and photos for South America!

Ludo MouveauLudo Mouveau

Will be performing beach snapshots wearing the new Google Glasses and surfing!

Ronny MacRonny Mac

I only snap shutters when I am behind them

Marc SickerlingMarc Sickerling

...who will be attempting his patented iron-cross triple-Lindy in the pike position with a roundel nuggie hug.

Norbert WeberNorbert Weber

Tanner ThomasTanner Thomas

Mike SerlinMike Serlin

...who will be attempting a one-handed-no-footed swashbuckler Cirque De Soleil Prius crunch in the horizontal position.
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Chris RosnerChris Rosner

Arkadius SchramekArkadius Schramek

...who, for those of you over 18, will be showcasing his new tattooed scrote-sack rail grab with an olly lay back.

Zack BrightZack Bright

Jake BrightJake Bright

Pete McAffeePete McAffee

Founder of the one legged superman—good luck trying to beat Pete at this move!

Robby MyerRobby Myer

...who will be sporting a new red crushed velvet design Slippery wetsuit with all the right curves for surf cornering performance. Added Bonus: Hot sister available for post race autographs.
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Josh LusticJosh Lustic

...who brings out from training his fresh chaw-chugger tornado with a three quarter expanding ballon knot Cheerio lunge.

Jerry JonesJerry Jones

Alex FedermeyerAlex Federmeyer

Chris MacClugageChris MacClugage

racing and freeride

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Ramon FerreRamon Ferre

...who brings with him from Spain a special blend of Goat Oil Premix that promises new heights of unmanned Superjet aerials...

Jeremy PhillipsJeremy Phillips

Mark GomezMark Gomez

Jordan FielderJordan Fielder

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Tiago GeitensTiago Geitens

Will be combining a world cup soccer bicycle kick carrying two soccer balls into a barrel roll re-entry!

Dustin MotzourisDustin Motzouris

racing and freeride

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Tyron MotzourisTyron Motzouris

racing and freeride

Eddie BettencourtEddie Bettencourt

...who is looking to show a first exposé of the Bitten Long-Beach Lamar-Latrelle Flexi-Javelin Handlepole-Hanger with an junk-grab gainer rotation.

Cuong SonCuong Son

...who will be throwing a new refined for 2010 version of the Lay-Back-Flied-Lice tail stab with a Calgon Scrub Hunch.

Jeff TroegnerJeff Troegner

Jake MontandonJake Montandon

First Pro Competitor to hold the longest Taxi Ride in Oregon Award.

Craig WarnerCraig Warner

...who will hopefully be making the trek north to race Oregon Coast Foam Balls with the full intent of showing how much power can be nursed from a Kommander 1200 SXR with 100% pure Monster Jet Fuel!

Randy LaineRandy Laine

...who will be doing it old-school—like a one-room brick schoolhouse type old-school.

Scott FrazierScott Frazier

Gil BeurnierGil Beurnier

...who will put the wood to the new throttle-clamp two-fingered-wishi-finger-flail with a high hop finale.

Darren HedlundDarren Hedlund

Federico BufacchiFederico Bufacchi

...who will perform his new GQ fashion flail with a speedo banana-hammock half-rotation followed by a sack ripper.

Peter McloughlinPeter Mcloughlin

...who will come to the Surfslam with a special expanded liver grab which he will be combining with his new Duck-Fart backside split rail grab.

Taylor CurtisTaylor Curtis

Nick BartonNick Barton

...and many more!

Invited Racers

Invited Freeriders

  • Chris Macclugage
  • Tyrone Motzouris
  • Dustin Motzouris
  • Jordan Fielder
  • Victor Sheldon
  • Jeff Jacobs
  • Sean Workman
  • Rick Hansen
  • Kenny Reeves
  • Aaron Newport
  • Steven Dauliach
  • Minoru Kanamori
  • Bryce Lopez
  • Chris Fischetti
  • Jean Batiste Botti
  • Mike Klippenstein
  • Parker Lund
  • Rob Flores
  • Jeremy Poret
  • Chris Wilkinson
  • Kevin Redinger
  • David Redinger
  • Robbie Myer
  • ...Scott Frazier?
  • Ross Champion
  • Chris Macclugage
  • Pierre Maixent
  • Marc Sickerling
  • Mike Serlin
  • Aurelian Mejean
  • Graham Reid
  • Anthony Burgess
  • Mickael Murard
  • Yohann Brousseau
  • Eric Malone
  • Jens Springman
  • Eric Forney
  • Jerry Jones
  • Federico Bufacchi
  • Taylor Curtis
  • Cuong Son
  • Jeremy Philips
  • Gil Beurnier
  • Jerry Brandon
  • Matt Smith
  • Eddie Bettencourt
  • Ivo Sehn
  • Chad Nicholson
  • Zack Bright
  • Jerry Jones
  • Jimmy Visser
  • Fabien Ballayer
  • Darin Anderson
  • Arkadius Schramek
  • Jared Willardsen
  • Pete Scheldt
  • Jared Ajlouny
  • Andrew Morin
  • Christian Holman
  • Ty Criner
  • Michael Kruger
  • Brett Armstrong
  • Frank Chesnay
  • Tanvir Hussain
  • Pascal Roques
  • Sylvain Molina
  • Maxime Baroero
  • Romain Gabrielli
  • Christophe Dartayette
  • Jeremy Phillips
  • Jake Montandon
  • Alex Federmeyer
  • Jeff Troegner
  • Norbert Weber
  • Tanner Thomas
  • Mark Gomez

...and many more!

Competitor Comments

Dustin Motzouris

“I am more excited for this event than the world finals!”

Blake Corning - IJSBA Race Director

“I want to say thanks for making this become a reality. This is something I have always wanted to do with John, Steve, CA, Rob, Scott and all that will eventually be involved!


Jordan Fielder

"I recently got the call from my good friend and sponsor Ronnie Saner from to say that Blowsion was putting a surf race together and wanted to build me a boat to race. Being a huge fan of riding in the surf I jumped at the chance, although I live in the UK I used to live in Oregon so Pacific City was the place I would train at over the winter so I almost feel like the local kid. I would just like to take the chance to thank everyone at Blowsion & RSR for giving me this opportunity to race in this fantastic event"

Chris MacClugage

“I am excited about the return of MotoSurf to the West Coast. The only racing I really enjoy is in the surf”

Darin Anderson

“I have been waiting for an event in the Oregon surf since I started competing, we have some of the gnarliest waves around, you really have to be on your “A” game to ride here. Our waves are thick and carry a serious punch. Should you find yourself in the relentless washing machine, my best advice for all the riders “NEVER LET GO!!!!!”. There is no rhyme or reason to the surf out here, the ocean floor is changed every day by the current, rips, and sheer force of the waves, it will test all your surf skills at a new level.

It will be awesome to see some racing in the surf again as well, in my opinion, the surf is where all the freestyle/racing competitions should happen.

All in all, pray for big waves, and flat water is for fishing."

Mike Serlin

“I am really excited to get to compete in my first freeride / motosurf race. This format of competition includes all types of jetskiers, is great for spectators and is actually what got me to become a freerider. Also, I would never miss the rare opportunity to compete with the best freeriders on the planet, in my own country. This amazing group of people have become like a family to me and even though the competition is fierce, the comradely between everyone involved is what makes freeriding so special.

I really am stoked. I want to race too!!!”

Ross Champion

“We are really looking forward to the Blowsion Surf Slam this year. We riders have been coming to Pacific City for the last 10 years for a private event. We are happy to be expanding the event this year and looking forward to the general public being exposed to the sport of Freeride.”