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Monster FMX partners with the 2013 Blowsion Surfslam!

Monster Energy FMX Worldwide Tour

Surfslam Monster Energy FMXWe are thrilled to announce Monster Energy support for the 2013 Blowsion Surfslam. The Green and Black Monster Energy Freestyle Moto Cross machine will head west from Portland, Oregon down the metro asphalt jungle into the burly natural jaws of the Pacific Ocean Blowsion Surfslam beach. Beginning on Wednesday September 4th and Thursday September 5th , the Monster and Blowsion traveling team will be making 6 local Oregon area retail appearances heading west along Highway 99W. The Monster Sampling Crew & the Blowsion Girls will be building Monster Energy and Surfslam excitement on their ocean bound way to the Surfslam location at Tierra Del Mar in Pacific City, Oregon. On Sunday September 8th, three of the Monster Freestyle Moto Cross riders will be performing backflips, Superman Seat Grabs, Nac-Nacís, Cliff hangers and other renowned FMX tricks on the Surfslam beach. There will be two shows (10:30 AM and 1:30 PM). Please stay tuned to the Blowsion Surfslam schedule page for up to the minute updates and schedule changes. Donít miss these talented pro FMX riders jumping 40+ feet in height over a 75+ foot distance gap!


Moto SurfHave you wanted to check out the Pacific Ocean Moto Surf racing vibe, but wanted to test your mettle against the challenge of ripping left and right turn buoys in the surf before competing and trading paint against other riders? We have heard your call. Please feel free to come try out your surf riding skills and get some practice in on Surfslam Saturday September 7th with two sessions from 10 am-12pm and 1pm-3pm (full schedule). There will be a monitored left and right turn buoy course setup in the surf for training purposes. The fee is $50.00 for this Saturday practice. As part of that bargain cost, $25.00 of this Saturday fee will be credited towards the Sunday race registration costs for those who are addicted and want to race! Please note that all test pilots must be current members of the IJSBA. If you are not a current member of the IJSBA, you may purchase both the practice session and the membership onsite at the announcing tower, or preferably anytime here online before the event weekend here (you will then be emailed a PDF receipt).

Moto SurfThese will be organized sessions and only those who have signed a waiver, confirmed their IJSBA membership and paid the $50 fee will be allowed to participate. Practice times will be in 15 minute increments between 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. Riders will be given a numbered and colored jersey for each practice session which must be returned immediately after the session. Riders can participate in one morning session and one afternoon session. All riders interested in these practice sessions should check in at the registration area or at the race tent on the beach 45 minutes before.

Blowsion Surfslam 2013

About The SurfslamThe world's greatest Watercraft Freeriders and Racers are descending once again September 6th, 7th and 8th 2013 to the ocean beaches of Pacific City Oregon for this year's top USA PWC surf event, which combines the second round of the 2013 IFWA Freeride World Championship Tour with the IJSBA Freeride World Cup and Motosurf Western Championship. The Surfslam is held at Tierra Del Mar Beach access located just north of Pacific City, Oregon and is free to the public on this wide expanse of incredible beach. The Blowsion Surf Slam brings over 100 Pro and Amateur competitors from around the world competing for a cash purse and points towards the IFWA World title and competing for the 5th Annual IJSBA Freeride World Cup. Joining them will be some of the best PWC racers in the world who will display high speed turns through a grueling buoy course all while being challenged by the Pacific Coast's always unpredictable waves.

About The SurfslamReturning for 2013 in IJSBA Motosurf Racing to compete will be former IJSBA Pro Ski Champion Jordan Fielder (UK), Current 2012 IJSBA Pro Ski pointís leader David Redinger (USA) and the always popular and exciting Moto Surf Pro Ski Racers Aaron Newport (USA) and Jeff Troegner (USA). In IFWA Pro Freeride Christian Young (USA), Jake Montadon (South Africa), Zach Bright (USA), Marc Sickerling (Germany), Taylor Curtis (USA), Jeremy Phillips (South Africa), Takaaki Murao (Japan), and current IFWA World Champion Pierre Maixent (France) will be joining a vast list of other International Pro and Amateur Freeriders to tangle with the epic West Coast surf and each other.

Both classes of Pro and Amateur Freeride competitors will compete in a head to head double elimination format. A panel of professional judges will score them 50% for their wave surfing and 50% for their aerial maneuvers. The 2013 IFWA World Tour has 3 international rounds: France (Jet Jump Extreme), USA (BlowsionSurfslam.com), and Brazil (Jetwaves).

PierreThe IJSBA, in its support for the IFWA, will award the winner of this round with the IJSBA Freeride World Cup. The infamous Oregon Pacific Coast surf will boost freeriders over 20 feet in the air while performing surf combinations featuring multiple rotation backflips, Madonna rolls, Superman backflips, inverted barrel rolls, floaters, look backs, aerial re-entries and no handed landings.

Spectators will also witness intense personal watercraft racing with the IJSBA MotoSurf Invitational. The top 20 Pro, Pro Am and Amateur wave racers in the country will battle it out in this challenging Oregon shoreline break. Racers will compete in a multi-moto format of several laps through a buoy course requiring a balance of maintaining high speeds while making split second strategic maneuvers around buoys and other racers while being utterly pounded by the intense Pacific Coast surf.

About The SurfslamThis event is a weekend of non-stop surf and beach vibe action. The Freeride Qualifying will begin on Friday September 6th. Motosurf racing will take place on Saturday and Sunday Sept 7th and 8th. The main events will take place Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm. K&S Kuwait is proudly presenting the third annual K&S BIG AIR SHOWDOWN on Saturday with a $500.00 cash award to the freerider exhibiting the most amplitude in this must see contest of aerial throw downs. Rounding out the amenities of this action packed weekend is a vendor and sponsor beach display area with food and beverage offerings to add to the festival surf environment. With over three miles of open beach to launch from, be sure to bring your own wave shredding machine to carve up some of the famous Oregon Surf.

What To Know

What To KnowThe Tierra Del Mar State Recreation Area is open for licensed street legal vehicles. All responsible recreational riders/enthusiasts are free to bring your recreational watercraft and enjoy some open surf freeriding off the beach outside of the event area. This recreational riding area encompasses all beach access south of the event competition area. While we are not responsible for any activity outside of the event, we ask that, due to space constraints, recreational riders limit themselves to stand-up/ski type PWC only and to be on your best behavior as you are representing the sport. Attendees must obey the beach speed limit of 10 mph. Please be aware there are no ATV's or motorcycles allowed. Event competitors and event staff are the only exceptions. There is NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING on the event site or beach of Tierra Del Mar State Recreation Area. (See http://www.co.tillamook.or.us/gov/parks/Campgrounds.htm for local area camping options). Only competitors and event staff will be allowed in the competition area. This will be strictly enforced.

What To KnowRecreational Freeriders please make sure your skis are legal. Fire extinguishers are required, PFDs, and whistles as well as applicable state marine registration and OEM HIN number plaque attached in correct location. Those persons not participating in the event shall be subject to full law enforcement by all local authorities. Competitors outside of the competition area will also be required to meet all legal standards. So, if you are planning to have fun after competing, make sure you bring everything you need to satisfy the state and county local requirements.

Pacific City is a very special beach town and has remained jet ski friendly due to the efforts of many local enthusiasts to 'self-police' any riding or behavior in off limits areas. Please be on your best PWC behavior so we can keep it that way. Tierra Del Mar does not have any services or restrooms, so the event sponsors will be providing these free of charge for the weekend. Again, for the recreational riding area south of the event competition area, we ask pleadingly that you leave your sitdown freeride watercraft at home. This is not biased. There are simply too many standups on the water most of the time. Having sitdown PWC ripping at full speed back and forth among the surf lineup has simply caused way too many close calls. We ask that this request please be honored so that this event can grow into a comprehensive performance show.

Above all, please follow the rules in and around town and be on your most respectful behavior. Pacific City and most of the Oregon Coast towns are very small, so word about renegade riders travels extremely fast. We now have a reliable and welcome location for future Surf Slams and know that we can count on your support for this event to continue to be an exemplary PWC gathering.